Mifepristone abortion Pill mechanism:

The Mifepristone abortion pill is used along with Misoprostol to have a complete medical abortion. The combination of abortion pill Mifepristone with Misoprostol has a proven effectiveness rate of 97-98%.

The Mifepristone abortion works by blocking progesterone (a hormone that is required for sustaining embryo). It terminates the pregnancy by changing uterine lining and detaching pregnancy tissues from its’ nutritional support. Mifepristone’ action also includes widening of the cervix by softening and ripening of the mucus present in the area. It also increases uterine sensitivity to the prostaglandin that generates mild contractions of the womb.

Regimen for Mifepristone online:

The Mifepristone abortion pill regimen is simple and the pill is very effective if taken appropriately as per the guidelines.

Medical Mifepristone abortion treatment consists of one tablet that is of 200 mg. The tablet is to be consumed orally with water in the beginning of the abortion procedure. Women should keep in mind that the medicine should not be melted in mouth, broken or chewed.

Before they buy abortion pill online, there’s a need for them to confirm whether their pregnancy is intra uterine or not. Women should not consume Mifepristone tablet if their pregnancy is ectopic. Dosage should be followed with tablets of Misoprostol that are of 200 mcg each, either by consuming them buccally or vaginally after 24-48 hours of taking Mifepristone.

Side effects of Mifepristone Pill:

The common consequences of Mifepristone abortion pill procedure are diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, tiredness, vomiting, headache and abdomen pain, etc. However, the intensity of these side effects wanes after on their own, shortly. The expected effects are heavy bleeding and abdominal cramps because of the womb contractions.

Precautions before you buy Mifepristone:

For safety purpose, the user should follow certain precautions and adhere to the warnings. The following are the few safety tips to have an effective functioning of abortion pill:

  • One must not buy Mifepristone, if you are allergic to the ingredients or any substances in the abortion pill
  • Conception period to have self-induced Mifepristone abortion should be 10 weeks or less
  • Pregnancy should be Intra uterine (i.e. inside the uterus) and must not be ectopic
  • Females with IUD in pace [ which cannot be removed] should not buy Mifepristone online
  • Women suffering from incontrollable inflammatory bowel disease or have long-term corticosteroids should avoid Mifepristone pill
  • Those suffering from severe problems like heart, liver, kidney, adrenal, diabetes, adrenal failure etc. should avoid consuming the pill
  • Avoid having intercourse for 14 days after the Mifepristone online procedure. Prolong the next pregnancy at least by 3 months
  • Women should discontinue breastfeeding while she is undergoing the procedure
  • Avoid engaging into physical work/sports or lifting heavy objects, using interacting drugs or inserting tampons
  • If there are any complications or have an incomplete pregnancy, contact emergency care