Women buy preg test card online for private and convenient diagnosing

Step One

Primarily to begin testing, open the sealed pack carefully by only tearing along the notch. Thus remove the single card from the kit

Note to remember – As first morning urine sample contains the most concentration levels of hCG, it is better that the test is conducted using the days’ first urine specimen. If this is not possible, random samples may also work.

Step Two

Take the strip and hold it vertically. Then carefully douse it in the cup of urine sample ( it is recommended to collect the specimen in a dry and clean container) . Dip only the chemical strip which has an arrow pointing towards it into the urine. Do not immerse it beyond the marker and take the card out after 9-10 seconds and lay the card on a clean, dry surface.

Note to remember – In a rare case, if the result indicator, i.e. pink lines is faint, immerse the card in the urine cup until the dye begins to show and you can clearly see the results.

Step Three

Wait for some time for the lines to appear. Sometimes, when the hCG levels are low in the specimen, it can take time for the positive results to show. If the concentration is high it only takes as little as 40 seconds for the colored bands to show. You should wait at least five minutes for the results, in case of low levels of hCG. It is important that the background is clear before the result is read.

Note to remember- Do not read results after specified time.

Home Preg Test Card online – how do I read them?

Positive signs – Distinct colored bands appear on the test region, the presence of both the lines indicate that you have indeed conceived. The color may intensify as per the concentration of hCG in your body.

Negative sign – If only one line appears on the result region, it means you are not pregnant. If no lines appear on the card, it indicates no pregnancy was detected.

Home Preg Test Card online – how do I read them?

The detection kits should be stored at the room temperature, i.e. 18 to 30 degree Celsius in the sealed pouch. They should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture. It is recommended to not use the test card beyond its date of expiration or for reuse.

Terms of usage for Preg Test Card online

  • The home Preg test card is only for external use. The final conclusion should not be based on a single test. It is recommended that the women use more than two tests or go to a clinic to confirm pregnancy.
  • A negative resulted could also mean a very low level of hCG which wasn’t detected initially. Therefore the woman should retake the test two mornings after.
  • If the urine sample is diluted too much, it may not be truthful representation of the hCG level. Therefore it is necessary to take the test at dawn with first urine sample.
  • Please read instructions carefully and follow them accurately and thoroughly.