How does generic RU486 work?

Other method is surgical that has a lot of implications; hence women make Generic RU486 online purchase. The drug is an anti-progesterone by nature and takes effect by stopping the necessary hormones that are essential in continuing the pregnancy.

Generic RU 486 is a medicament that blocks the pregnancy continuing hormone, named progesterone. This hormone is responsible for forming a uterine wall that keeps the fertilized egg or embryo attached to the womb and nourished.

The tablet sheds the uterine lining, due to which the embryo doesn’t receive oxygen and becomes detached. The pill also widens the cervix, which along with contractions caused by secondary pill (Misoprostol) makes it easier for the body to flush out the conception parts.

Buy generic RU486 and follow the given regimen:

Ingest one Generic RU 486 pill of 200 mg. The pill is required to be taken orally with water.

Take an interval 24-48 hours

Consume the secondary medicine that is Misoprostol (800 mcg total – four tablets), either through:

  • Buccally [ in cheek pouches] – Taking the medication 2X2 by keeping a pair in each cheek pouch and waiting for them to dissolve for half an hour, after which one needs to wait for 30mins and then gulp down the residues of tablets. This is the most recommended dosage method.
  • Vaginally– Inserting the four pills of Misoprostol vaginally. There is not specific position for tablets to be placed. You can push them inside the vagina till your finger reaches.

Expected side effects of Generic RU486:

Like any medication, Generic RU 486 pill has its own side effects, some are expected while others may or may not occur.

When the anti-progesterone pill enters the body, some light bleeding and cramps are to be expected. These side effects are magnified after taking Misoprostol.

Some effects that may or may not occur are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, and weakness. These side effects can easily be countered by medications.

Safety measures for Generic RU-486 online

The female can get pregnant as early as abortion takes place, thus she should use birth control to avert unwanted pregnancy. But, the individual must avoid having intercourse until a week or two after the procedure.

Below are some precautions that need to be followed before and during the Generic RU486 pill procedure:

  • Verify if pregnancy is really there, and is not ectopic.
  • Do not generic RU486 order online if pregnancy age is more than 10 weeks.
  • If your intra-uterine device cannot be removed prior to using abortion medicines, then do not use generic RU-486.
  • Stop breastfeeding when on the tablets.
  • Females with liver/kidney problems/cardiac/adrenal gland should consult a doctor.
  • Avoid the usage of medicine if on long term corticosteroid treatment.
  • One must not buy generic RU486, if allergic to the medication.