Together, the powerful combination of future generations of progestin and estrogen provide a consolidate formulation that prohibit pregnancy by various methods.

Women from all around the world buy Yasmin online for easy access to an effective contraceptive brand.

Yasmin contraceptive pillis a ‘combination’ type of medication, whose main mechanism is to protect the body from pregnancy.

It is marketed in two types of blister packs – 21 days’ pack and 28 days’ pack. The similar aspects being that both contain 21 yellow tablets that incorporate active hormonal ingredients. Meanwhile, the 28 days’pack consists of additional seven white tablets which are “placebo” pills. These white pills comprise of only in-active ingredients and do not exert any hormonal action.

The active components of the yellow tablets contain ethinyl estradiol 0.030mg combined with drospirenone 3mg. Meanwhile the white pills include inert substances such as cellulose and corn-starch.

Yasmin-28 is available for women who want a sensation of consuming a pill every day, possibly to make them have a sense of security against conceiving.

In Contraception:

The dual presence of Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol in the tablet makes it an ideal medicament for prohibiting ovulation, and stopping fertilization and implantation.

Yasmin floods the blood stream with this duo of replicated hormones which mimics the state of high levels of endogenous progestin and estrogen. This in turn has a negative effect on the levels of the FSH and LH hormones (incharge of preparing favorable environment for pregnancy) which fall into such low quantities that ovulation and endometrial lining proliferation is stopped.

The cervix is naturally clogged with mucus, which condenses by the influence of hormones introduced by Yasmin. This mechanism creates an inhospitable environment for sperm travel, thus decelerating its penetration into the womb.

The efficacy of Yasmin pills is among the most exceptional reversible methods of contraception, accounting up to only one-two case of failure in one hundred women per year.

Blackheads in acne are fueled due to the presence of male hormones on the facial and upper torso skin. Androgens like DHEA-S andtestosterone find activating sources in troubled women which promotes excess sebum secretion and increased keratinization of the skin.

Yasmin, which contains drospirenone (anti-androgenic), blocks the mechanism of male (androgenic) hormones on female skin.While ethinyl-estradiol present in the pills curbs the testosterone levels in the blood stream which compliments the effects of drospirenone.