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Is MTP kit right for me?


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Deciding if the MTP kit right for your is not a difficult decision to be made. You must understand the criteria for taking the MTP kit and make sure that you’re going to order MTP kit online or from the local store. Medical abortion is a safe and secure method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home and MTP kit is one product that makes it happen. To determine if the product is a right choice for you, learn what the product is and what it does to your body to end the pregnancy.

What’s the MTP Kit?

An MTP kit is an abortion pill product which contains the combination of two abortion pills. (1) Mifepristone (2) Misoprostol.  The duo is used to safely abort an early unwanted pregnancy.

The pill combination makes hormonal changes in your body which eventuate in passing blood clots or pregnancy tissues.

Is MTP kit a safe medication?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration, America. The MTP kit has been in use from more than a decade and women from all across the world have successfully terminated their pregnancy using the product.

Does it have any adverse effects?

There are certain side effects of medical abortion which can be experienced while undergoing the process. These side effects are encountered only during the procedure and none of the side effects have a long-term impact. It should additionally interest you to know that none of the after effects of medical pregnancy termination have an impact on future pregnancies or the fertility of the woman.

The second pill in the drug causes uterine contractions and leads to heavy vaginal bleeding which is an important symptom of pregnancy termination. It should not be mistaken for the side effects of medical abortion.

Am I eligible to take MTP kit?

Before you buy abortion pill, ensure that you’re eligible to abort the pregnancy using abortion pills. It requires you to fit in the following criteria.

  • You’re pregnant and have confirmed your pregnancy.
  • You are above 18 and rational to take responsibilities of your decisions such as choosing medical abortion method.
  • Your gestation of the pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks.
  • You’re not on other medications which adversely interact with the elements of abortion pills.
  • You have consulted a physician to get the medication and he has prescribed you to buy abortion pills.

If you fit into the aforementioned criteria for a medical abortion through MTP kit, the product is assuredly for you with the highest efficacy. Follow the instructions given by the medical expert or the physician to experience smooth medical abortion procedure with less or no complications. The process shall complete within a week or two which you can confirm through a pregnancy test after 15 days.


What should You do if You miss a pill

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A missed pill is not a major concern since there are solutions which you can manage on the next day. However, if you have skipped the pill, you may end up getting pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse during the week. In such a situation, you can abort it using abortion pills. You can buy online abortion pill to end your unintended pregnancy with privacy and comfort.

When is it considered a missed pill?

If you haven’t consumed the dose for more than 24-26 hours, it can be called a missed pill. Consult your physicians to understand your case.

What should you do if you have missed the pill?

When you buy Ovral G online, you can get a pack of 21 days or 28 days. If you happen to forget to take birth control pill, do not skip the pill for that particular day. Consume it as soon as you notice. If this means that taking two birth control pills, let it be the case. You can continue taking the rest of the pack as instructed and ensure that you don’t miss any pill thereafter.

If you’re on a 28-day pack, which means, everyday pack, you can take the inactive pills as directed. You do not have to use an extra contraception in such a case.

What happens when you miss 2 or more pills?

If there’s a gap of more than 48-50 days in the birth control pill pack, it can affect your protection against an unwanted pregnancy. This also applies when you start a new pack with a delay of two or more days.

What should you do when is 2 or more pills?

You can consume the last pill in the pack. Skipping the earlier pills is not a big issue provided that you have taken the needed precautions for the same. You can continue taking the remaining pack as guided.

It is important here to note skipping more than 2 pills from the birth control pack can affect its efficacy and hence it is advised that you take additional precautions such as a condom for the next 7 days.

In case there are 7 or 8 pills left in the pack, do not leave them unconsumed. Administer all the pills in the remaining pack. For a 28-day contraception pack, you can continue taking the normal seven-day break during the period.

If the remaining pack has less than 7 pills, you can continue taking the rest of the pill and finish the pack. However, do not forget to begin your next pack immediately after finishing the current one.

What if you have had sexual intercourse and missed a pill during the week?

In such a case, you may require an emergency contraceptive pill as birth control pill may not be effective enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


Thyroid disorders in pregnancy

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Disorders surrounding the thyroid gland, especially to women during pregnancy is a common onset. Hypothyroidism is one such instance where thyroid glands produce thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) needed for the proper metabolic process of the body. Ordinarily, T3 is required in abundance to regulate homeostasis and maintain the supply of adequate minerals for the development of the child’s brain and muscle tissue.

While understanding the thyroid disorders during pregnancy, you must also know if you can buy abortion pill and end your pregnancy in such a case. Women typically buy abortion pill pack to end their normal pregnancy in the first trimester. However,  you must consult your gynecologist to understand the scenario.

Recommended ranges during pregnancy vary from 0.1 to 2.5 mIU/L in the first trimester, 0.2 to 3.0 mIU/L in the second trimester, and 0.3 to 3.0 mIU/L in the third trimester, during pregnancy. Conversely, anything beyond or less than this might result in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.


Hypothyroidism as reported accounts mostly during pregnancy. Signs and symptoms are easy to notice which includes extreme fatigue, having cold and flu symptoms and severe muscle cramps. Unusual tendencies occur when a person is on the verge of memory loss and concentration. It is called as Hashimoto’s disease and can have an adverse effect on the child. The child can be faced with issues like low birth weight, and severe cases can lead to miscarriage.

If the conditions worsen, a medical supervision is required to make the unavailability of T4 prudent in the body. T3 doesn’t enter the new born’s brain as T4 does, hence medicines required to make T4 is usually administered. Levothyroxine, a thyroid hormone medicine which acts as T4, is the most common medication that is administered


Hyperthyroidism is the state where thyroid glands secrete more than require thyroid hormone which results in adverse complications. Similar to hypothyroidism, the occurrence is a bit less although can be noticeable in persons having an unhealthy and difficult lifestyle. Hyperthyroidism is often known as Graves’ disease which is termed as an autoimmune disorder.

The immune system causes thyroid glands to make too much of thyroid hormone causing an antibody called thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin rise in the body.

Symptoms usually appear after levels of T4 have been increased in the body. Irregular heartbeat, shaky hands, and unexplained weight loss or gain are normal symptoms affecting the mother.

Usually, an alarming presence of Thyroid hormones results in administration of certain drugs that would be beneficial in treating the disease. Often, women are given antithyroid medicine propylthiouracil (PTU) during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Methimazole,  another medicine is easier to digest with fewer side effects but is likely to cause more birth defects than former. Although, Birth defects cases are extremely rare.

A proper lifestyle and avoiding goitrogens while in hypothyroidism will help in tackling thyroid issues in pregnancy. Additionally, cooking food well enough makes the body absorb T3 and T4 insufficient amount.


When is it Safe to Take Abortion Pills

buy abortion pillsThere’s lack of guidance offered on the area of whys and wherefores of medical abortion. Women do not understand when is the right time for them to take abortion pills. So here’s what you can do know the whens and whys of the medical abortion process.

When you buy MTP kit online or from the local stores, you receive safe pregnancy termination pills which abort an unwanted pregnancy within a week or two. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the widely used medicine combination to end a pregnancy. These pills make hormonal changes in your body and remove pregnancy contents through vaginal bleeding.

The topic is explained on the basis of three factors which are listed below.

On the basis of the gestation period:

Before you buy abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy, make sure that the gestation of your pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks. Abortion pills effectively end an early pregnancy which is up to 8-10 weeks and not more than that. The pills may end a pregnancy more than 10-12 weeks, however, the possibilities are least.

Hence, physicians say that it is safe to end an early pregnancy using abortion pills which is up to 10 weeks.

On the basis of timing:

The first pill in the drug combination is Mifepristone. You are expected to take this medicine as soon as you receive it. There’s no specific time of the day where you’re compelled to take the pill. There are many women who take the pill in the morning.

The second pill, however, you must take 24 hours after the first medicine intake. There’s a misconception in women that once you start bleeding the abortion process is dose is assume to complete. Though most women begin bleeding after taking Misoprostol, some may suspect spotting or heavy bleeding after taking Mifepristone itself. In such a case, you must complete the dosage by taking the second tablet as prescribed.

On the basis of other medications:

Consult your physician if you have heart problems or other severe diseases which may have contradictions with the constituents present in the abortion pills.

If you have taken the abortion pills as guided by your physician, the possibilities of complications are less. It is safe to take abortion pills at home and not at a clinic. You get the comfort of home, positive environment and complete privacy to perform the procedure. Once the process gets completed, you can confirm the pregnancy termination by performing a pregnancy test. The results are accurate when you check the efficacy 10-14 days after the process.

Medical abortion is surely an effective way to end a pregnancy. You only have to understand when to take the pills, how to administer them and the precautions which you have to take during the procedure.


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Symptoms of early menopause

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Menopause occurs at a certain age. In most cases, after 49 or even stretched to around 55. The current scenario in lifestyle induced diseases has led to several cases where women experience menopause at an early age termed early menopause.

If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy situation in the misled view of early menopause, you can buy abortion pills and administer them to end your early pregnancy.

Detecting early menopause, symptoms are relatively easier as the body goes on through several changes with the ovaries functioning at much lesser pace than usual. Having adequate knowledge on the same would help overcome the problems, while the requirement of therapeutic guidance can also be sought out.

Irregular Periods:

One of the major symptoms of early menopause is the change in the period cycle. In cases where ovaries fail to produce eggs termed as Premature Ovarian failure, periods fail to occur on a regular basis. Often this is encountered even within age groups of 25-30. Ordinarily, a gap of 3-5 days is considered normal, while monthly cycles getting delayed up to 15-20 days needs administration. At times there are cases when the menstrual cycle occurs once in 3 months. In such a scenario, diagnosis along with lifestyle changes is required on priority.

Vaginal Dryness:

With early menopause, the hormones responsible for arousal even decreases. Testosterone and estrogen go for a toss, leading to severe dryness in the vagina. This decreases the sensation of pleasure during sexual intercourse leading to painful sensation during penetration. The walls of the vagina even reduce flexibility due to constant dryness.

Mood Swings:

With a drop in estrogen levels and fluctuating progesterone, severe mood swings disrupts normal behavior. Early menopause in the age group of 25-30 has been associated with anxiety and depression issues. Due to the sudden change in hormonal levels women experience severe mood swings during early menopause. Irritability is also a common symptom arising due to low production of Estrogen from the ovaries.

Low Libido:

Vaginal dryness and decreased testosterone, women tend to have less desire for sexual activity during early menopause. Sexual life is hugely affected with early menopause accounting to women in the 40s.

Unusual sleep patterns/Insomnia:

Melatonin is a sleep hormone induced by the pineal gland for a general and healthy circadian rhythm. When estrogen and progesterone levels fluctuate during early menopause, it causes the sleep pattern to disrupt affecting the general well-being of the person. There are even cases of insomnia in early menopause.

Night Sweats:

A sudden drop in hormones can have a profound effect on the body, causing night sweats. They are measured with an irregular change in temperature mostly at night causing the body to sweat and affecting sleep. This is one of the major symptoms of early menopause and requires immediate medical attention.

Early menopause has been extensively familiar within the age group of the 40s. With the decrease in physical exercises and a change in genes, even teenage groups are starting to get affected. Most of the online pharmacy sites offer remedies and ways to check lifestyle to avoid the early onset of menopause

Therefore, a balanced diet is required with adequate physical activities which can boost up estrogen production making the ovaries respond properly to changes that account for age group post 40.


After Medical Abortion: The Ideal Diet

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Medical abortion is a process which involves intake of Mifepristone and Misoprostol for a successfully pregnancy termination. You can find both these medicines in an MTP kit which is easily available online. It typically takes 3 weeks to completely heal from pregnancy termination process. If you follow a proper diet, it can help you heal faster.

Women who buy abortion pills online are most likely to find the after abortion care information through their online medical expert team.

Protein Rich Food:

The noninvasive abortion process involves heavy vaginal bleeding for passing pregnancy tissues. Due to this heavy bleeding, your body requires new blood cells to be formed in the body. This can be attained with protein-rich food. If you’re a vegetarian, you can have green veggies, sprouts or whole grain sprouts while non vegetarians can have fish, beef, shellfish, lamb etc.

Dairy Products:

Dairy products help store the calcium in your teeth and bones. Low-fat dairy products are also a good source of vitamin D and vitamin B suitable for your after abortion care.

Fruits and vegetables:

Mineral and vitamin nutrition requirements are fulfilled by fruits and vegetables. Women who are going through an abortion process need to have an intake of digestive food which can be achieved through light food and fruits and vegetables.

Iron Rich Food:

Due to heavy vaginal bleeding, the chances of anemia or similar complications are more especially when you do not consider the instructions and precautions during the abortion process. Iron-rich food helps restore the blood loss in your body and prevent complications related to lack of blood supply in your body.

Water and fluids:

Many a time, women observe excessive sweating after an abortion and hence physicians usually advise to drink more water and fluids during and after the abortion process. Do not drink alcohol as it can have adverse effects on your body eventually leading to longer time being taken to recover from a medical abortion.

Don’ts in the diet after a medical abortion:

  • High-fat food
  • Junk food
  • Intake of cigarettes and alcohol
  • Food with Low-Fiber Starches
  • Sugary sweet products
  • Cold foods or ice cream
  • Grapes
  • Spicy food

Medical abortion is an easy process if you follow the instructions properly and take care of your diet. Apart from aforementioned diet food for recovery, you could also try eating different combinations like turmeric and milk; black currant with almonds; dried ginger powder with jaggery; tomato juice which help benefit the healing process.

Apart from following a proper diet, a woman who has undergone a medical abortion also requires proper rest and emotional support to completely recover. Studies suggest psychological factors also affect the food intake and your body. Hence, it is advised to surround yourself with a sanitary maintained place and positive environment which can help heal from the pregnancy termination process as early as possible.


What you need to know about vaginal health at every age

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A woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes in her body throughout the life. This mainly includes the changes occurring in the vagina. It is important for every woman to understand her vagina and what are the precautions she needs to take to maintain a healthy vagina.

Vaginal health in your 20s

When you come out of your ‘teenage phase’ your twenties experience the best years in terms of emotions but the vagina maintenance has to be done well. The estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in your body are the highest during these years. The vagina stays lubricated, elastic and acidic during this time and raised the level of estrogen is usually responsible for it.

The outer layer in your vagina may appear smaller or thinner during your 20s.

With being sexually active or with high libido the vagina seems great. However, being sexually active can increase the risks of urinary tract infections.

Consult your doctor if you experience pain during intercourse, itching, odor to the discharge or burning sensation while urinating. If you choose to end your pregnancy, use a suitable method of abortion. You may buy abortion pills online since you can also get the guidance from medical experts around the world.

Vaginal health in your 30s

The inner labia gets darker during your 30s which occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. If you become pregnant, you may suspect milky and heavy vaginal discharge. After-birth, the vagina of the mother may reduce and stretch more than before. In most case, the vaginas come back to the normal size as they were before, however, there may be exceptions for the case.

Studies have shown that most women choose abortion during their thirties and especially for their second or third-time pregnancies. Make sure you perform the abortion using the right method. You can buy MTP kit since you get both the required medications in one kit.

Vaginal Health in your 40s :

This is typically the perimenopause phase. This is the period before your menstruations stop. The vagina goes through many changes during this phase. The estrogen level in your body gets decreased while the vaginal walls become drier and thinner. This may lead to vaginal burning, redness, pain during intercourse, itching etc.

Vaginal health in your 50s and beyond

Women typically stop menstruating by their 50s. The vulva may seem shrunken and the vaginal atrophy. Since the estrogen level dramatically lowers down, the acidity levels increase during this period which increases the chances of bacterial infection.

Overactive bladder, urinary frequency, and urine leakage may be suspected during the age.

Some tips for vaginal the health:
Urinate as soon as possible after intercourse.
Do not use scented soaps to clean the vagina
Avoid douching
Regular intercourse helps to increase the blood flow in the vaginal area and slower the whole process.


Myths About Safe Intercourse and Sexual Health

Safe intercourse and sexual health being the not openly spoken topics, they often become the subject of widely spread myths.

Here are some myths concerning safe intercourse and sexual health which you shouldn’t listen to:

You cannot get pregnant if you have intercourse during your menstrual periods:

The chances of conception while you are on your menstrual periods are the least, although, cannot be ignored. Sperms stays in the vagina up to a week. When you have unprotected intercourse while you’re on your periods and if your menstrual cycle is short, the conception risk cannot be denied.

The morning after pill terminates your pregnancy:

The morning after pill is administered when you have an unprotected intercourse and wish to prevent pregnancy. It can only be consumed within 72 hours after taking the sexual activity has taken place. It contains elements similar to the birth control pill although its mechanism is a bit different. The pill prevents an unwanted pregnancy but does not abort it. The constituents of both the medications are completely different.

You can’t get pregnant in your first intercourse.

This is another rumor which women usually fall for. If you menstruate, you are as likely to conceive as you would do on any other day with unprotected intercourse. If you are pregnant due to such unprotected intercourse, you can buy abortion pills online to terminate your pregnancy and maintain your privacy at the same time.

Birth control pills can lead to weight gain:

Birth control pills such as Ovral G contain progestin element which makes hormonal changes in the body and contributes to preventing an unwanted pregnancy. It does come with some side effects such as mood swings, nausea etc. Although all the minor side effects included are temporary and does not have a long-term impact. Birth control pills do not cause weight gain and are a safe method for pregnancy prevention.

You cannot become pregnant once you take abortion pills:

When you buy abortion pills and administer them as instructed, your unwanted pregnancy will be safely ended with less or no complications. Abortion pills do not affect your future pregnancies or the fertility in any manner. You remain as fertile as you were before, even after taking the abortion pills.

Douching is healthy for the vagina:

The vagina has a self-cleaning system which does not require special douching to get it clean. In fact, douching can harm the vaginal area as the natural bacteria there can be disturbed. This eventually can expose your vagina to infections. Women should know that douching does not help to protect against STDs or pregnancy but makes it easier.

The morning after pill cannot be taken over the counter:

The morning after pill is taken when you indulge in unprotected sexual activity and wish to prevent the unintended pregnancy at the earliest. The pill, if taken within 24 hours works with the highest efficacy while it can be taken within 72 hours. The tablet is available at the local stores over the counter. In fact, you can also consider having a stock with you since it’s an emergency pill. Medications such as plan B are available online at a reasonable rate.

There’s need to openly discuss things such as safe intercourse and sexuality. There are many online pharmacy websites which offer medications while also educating women about sexual health and wellness. Participate in forums and discussions, read about sexual health as much as possible and do not fall for rumors.


Emergency Contraceptive After A Baby

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Emergency contraceptive or the widely known morning – after- pill is a safe method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected intercourse. However, women usually have a doubt if the pill is safe while breastfeeding. The dubiety is surely reasonable having taken the safety of child earnestly.

What are the elements present in the pill?

The emergency contraceptive pill contains progestin and other hormonal elements which thickens the cervix eventually blocking the sperm to enter and be fertilized, thereby preventing an unwanted pregnancy.

The tablet has to be taken orally with water within 72 hours after having the unprotected sexual intercourse. Do not use this as the alternative of regular contraception method, especially in the period of breastfeeding. Also, the pill does not work if the pregnancy has already been detected. After unprotected intercourse, the earlier the pill is taken, the better efficacy will it show. You can easily find the emergency contraceptive pill online.

The user expected to be aware of the side effects of the pill which are temporary in nature. Nausea, abdomen cramping, sickness, vomiting are some of the side effects of the emergency contraceptive pill. The effects are minor and hence are tolerable for a woman. She need not take special medication unless the side effect is extreme.

Can the emergency contraceptive potentially harm the baby while breastfeeding?

The emergency contraceptive pill or the morning after pill is safe for a breastfeeding woman. You can buy plan B which has progestin elements. The pill does affect the quality or quantity of breast milk, however, it is advised not use Plan B while breastfeeding. If a woman wishes to breastfeed her baby and takes the pill at the same time, she is advised to collect her milk before administering the pill and feed it during the procedure. The woman can start breastfeeding her baby 3-4 days after consuming the morning after pill.

Since breastfeeding women cannot rely on the contraceptive medications during their breastfeeding phase, women are advised to use a female condom or suggest their partner use a condom. Again, the effectiveness of a condom cannot always be guaranteed, keeping a morning after pill with you is a safer choice. It’s better to keep an emergency contraceptive pill handy. Especially because the pill has to be taken at the earliest after indulging into the unprotected sexual activity.

The possibilities of contraception elements passing in your baby through breastfeeding are rare. The pill in other respects is safe to use and does not affect milk in any manner. However, consult your doctor before taking the pill if you wish to administer it and continue breastfeeding at the same time.

How To Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

How you respond to an unwanted pregnancy determines your future course of events. It isn’t easy but the decision has to be thoughtful and not taken in a rush. Also, pregnancy-like symptoms experienced by women may or may not necessarily show an actual conception result. One should always be assured of the pregnancy status. You need not even go to a doctor if you are uncomfortable with this issue. Instead, buy preg test kit online and confirm your pregnancy.


  • Not using any protection during the intercourse
  • Failure of protection during the intercourse
  • Rape
  • Vaginal contact with semen through other ways

To take a wise decision and deal with the unwanted pregnancy, here’s what you can do:

Discuss it with your partner:

The unintended pregnancy need not always be a worrisome situation. If you discuss it with your partner, you can plan your future events as per your priorities. Not discussing it with anyone and ending up taking wrong methods to terminate an unwanted pregnancy can lead to severe health risks. You need to educate yourselves regarding the possible solutions for the unwanted conception.

Consult an expert:

It’s always safe to consult an expert before taking any decision that can possibly affect your physical and mental health. When you buy abortion pills online, many a time, the pharma websites offer online consultation as well. Hence, before you take any decision, you can always ask such experts and get the needed consultation.

Think twice before you take any decision:

Pregnancy is not just a matter of nine months, entering the new infant in your life can change your whole world while aborting it can give you time reconsider all such things. Undergoing a medical abortion will not affect your fertility. Hence, if you buy abortion pills and end your pregnancy, you can still be fertile and get pregnant again.

If you’re certain on the decision that you do not want a child anytime soon, it is important that you buy Ovral L or similar birth control methods to prevent an unwanted pregnancy in the future.

In case you wish to continue:

There’s nothing to worry about if you wish to continue your pregnancy. You can start taking the parenting guidance on the same. Also, there are many couples who look for child adoption. One option before you can be raising this baby in your womb and then give it a needy couple.

If you don’t wish to continue:

Terminate your pregnancy:
There are two methods of terminating a pregnancy.

  • Surgical abortion:

Pregnancy terminated through vaginal suction or using other surgical instruments is called surgical abortion. It has certain financial and health disadvantages which may be permanent at times.

  • Medical Abortion:

Medical abortion is an easy method of terminating an early pregnancy. You can buy abortion pill pack to get the pregnancy termination drug combination or you can also buy Mifeprex ( 1 pill) and Misoprostol (4 pills) separately. The drug combination makes hormonal changes in your body and terminates the unwanted pregnancy (when up to 8-10 weeks of conception). Medical abortion process is safe which has minimal temporary side effects that go on their own. This is assuredly a safe to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.