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Millions of women face unwanted pregnancy around the world, every year. These pregnancies are something female does not wish to carry until birth. For safe abortion pills online, we- are an integrated pharmacy, with ‘ORIGINAL, TESTED, EFFICIENT ABORTION PILL ONLINE’, at the lowest price possible. Some females are left without proper healthcare or knowledge about abortion pill kit, or cannot buy abortion pill due to high cost, poor access, or other problems.

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Ending a pregnancy asks for preparation, taking some precautions, and understanding how the medicines work. Not everyone is sure how to use the tablets after they buy MTP Kit, and this is what we wish to change- making women aware that medical pregnancy termination is safe, if done correctly and they can keep their worries aside, know about the process, and easily get it done personally.

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Get the Best from us- It is time to choose a friendly, confidential, and affordable pharmacy for abortion pill online, and we make it possible for you. We are leading to care for women and their reproductive health, thus our store is open for birth control medicines and products as well. Supportive Birth Control- You can purchase emergency contraception Plan B, or Nuvaring vaginal ring, apart from oral contraceptives such as Ovral, Loette, Ovral L, Ovral G, and Yasmin. You can keep your pregnancy in check to know if you have conceived or not with Pregtest Card.

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Our service is spread worldwide, and our motto is to serve an optimum place from where people can buy MTP Kit (Mifepristone and Misoprostol), without being harassed or judged. Before you think to buy abortion pills, we would like to tell you how the medicines work:

  • Mifepristone (Mifeprex, Generic RU-486): Ceases uterine lining support to fetus by stopping progesterone pregnancy hormone supply. Take 200mg dose pill orally with water on day 1.
  • Misoprostol (Cytolog): Makes constant uterine contractions, widening cervix for expelling pregnancy parts. Common experiences include heavy bleeding, and abdomen cramps.

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