When is it Safe to Take Abortion Pills

buy abortion pillsThere’s lack of guidance offered on the area of whys and wherefores of medical abortion. Women do not understand when is the right time for them to take abortion pills. So here’s what you can do know the whens and whys of the medical abortion process.

When you buy MTP kit online or from the local stores, you receive safe pregnancy termination pills which abort an unwanted pregnancy within a week or two. Mifepristone and Misoprostol is the widely used medicine combination to end a pregnancy. These pills make hormonal changes in your body and remove pregnancy contents through vaginal bleeding.

The topic is explained on the basis of three factors which are listed below.

On the basis of the gestation period:

Before you buy abortion pills to terminate your unwanted pregnancy, make sure that the gestation of your pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks. Abortion pills effectively end an early pregnancy which is up to 8-10 weeks and not more than that. The pills may end a pregnancy more than 10-12 weeks, however, the possibilities are least.

Hence, physicians say that it is safe to end an early pregnancy using abortion pills which is up to 10 weeks.

On the basis of timing:

The first pill in the drug combination is Mifepristone. You are expected to take this medicine as soon as you receive it. There’s no specific time of the day where you’re compelled to take the pill. There are many women who take the pill in the morning.

The second pill, however, you must take 24 hours after the first medicine intake. There’s a misconception in women that once you start bleeding the abortion process is dose is assume to complete. Though most women begin bleeding after taking Misoprostol, some may suspect spotting or heavy bleeding after taking Mifepristone itself. In such a case, you must complete the dosage by taking the second tablet as prescribed.

On the basis of other medications:

Consult your physician if you have heart problems or other severe diseases which may have contradictions with the constituents present in the abortion pills.

If you have taken the abortion pills as guided by your physician, the possibilities of complications are less. It is safe to take abortion pills at home and not at a clinic. You get the comfort of home, positive environment and complete privacy to perform the procedure. Once the process gets completed, you can confirm the pregnancy termination by performing a pregnancy test. The results are accurate when you check the efficacy 10-14 days after the process.

Medical abortion is surely an effective way to end a pregnancy. You only have to understand when to take the pills, how to administer them and the precautions which you have to take during the procedure.


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