What you need to know about vaginal health at every age

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A woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes in her body throughout the life. This mainly includes the changes occurring in the vagina. It is important for every woman to understand her vagina and what are the precautions she needs to take to maintain a healthy vagina.

Vaginal health in your 20s

When you come out of your ‘teenage phase’ your twenties experience the best years in terms of emotions but the vagina maintenance has to be done well. The estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone in your body are the highest during these years. The vagina stays lubricated, elastic and acidic during this time and raised the level of estrogen is usually responsible for it.

The outer layer in your vagina may appear smaller or thinner during your 20s.

With being sexually active or with high libido the vagina seems great. However, being sexually active can increase the risks of urinary tract infections.

Consult your doctor if you experience pain during intercourse, itching, odor to the discharge or burning sensation while urinating. If you choose to end your pregnancy, use a suitable method of abortion. You may buy abortion pills online since you can also get the guidance from medical experts around the world.

Vaginal health in your 30s

The inner labia gets darker during your 30s which occurs due to hormonal changes in the body. If you become pregnant, you may suspect milky and heavy vaginal discharge. After-birth, the vagina of the mother may reduce and stretch more than before. In most case, the vaginas come back to the normal size as they were before, however, there may be exceptions for the case.

Studies have shown that most women choose abortion during their thirties and especially for their second or third-time pregnancies. Make sure you perform the abortion using the right method. You can buy MTP kit since you get both the required medications in one kit.

Vaginal Health in your 40s :

This is typically the perimenopause phase. This is the period before your menstruations stop. The vagina goes through many changes during this phase. The estrogen level in your body gets decreased while the vaginal walls become drier and thinner. This may lead to vaginal burning, redness, pain during intercourse, itching etc.

Vaginal health in your 50s and beyond

Women typically stop menstruating by their 50s. The vulva may seem shrunken and the vaginal atrophy. Since the estrogen level dramatically lowers down, the acidity levels increase during this period which increases the chances of bacterial infection.

Overactive bladder, urinary frequency, and urine leakage may be suspected during the age.

Some tips for vaginal the health:
Urinate as soon as possible after intercourse.
Do not use scented soaps to clean the vagina
Avoid douching
Regular intercourse helps to increase the blood flow in the vaginal area and slower the whole process.


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