What should You do if You miss a pill

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A missed pill is not a major concern since there are solutions which you can manage on the next day. However, if you have skipped the pill, you may end up getting pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse during the week. In such a situation, you can abort it using abortion pills. You can buy online abortion pill to end your unintended pregnancy with privacy and comfort.

When is it considered a missed pill?

If you haven’t consumed the dose for more than 24-26 hours, it can be called a missed pill. Consult your physicians to understand your case.

What should you do if you have missed the pill?

When you buy Ovral G online, you can get a pack of 21 days or 28 days. If you happen to forget to take birth control pill, do not skip the pill for that particular day. Consume it as soon as you notice. If this means that taking two birth control pills, let it be the case. You can continue taking the rest of the pack as instructed and ensure that you don’t miss any pill thereafter.

If you’re on a 28-day pack, which means, everyday pack, you can take the inactive pills as directed. You do not have to use an extra contraception in such a case.

What happens when you miss 2 or more pills?

If there’s a gap of more than 48-50 days in the birth control pill pack, it can affect your protection against an unwanted pregnancy. This also applies when you start a new pack with a delay of two or more days.

What should you do when is 2 or more pills?

You can consume the last pill in the pack. Skipping the earlier pills is not a big issue provided that you have taken the needed precautions for the same. You can continue taking the remaining pack as guided.

It is important here to note skipping more than 2 pills from the birth control pack can affect its efficacy and hence it is advised that you take additional precautions such as a condom for the next 7 days.

In case there are 7 or 8 pills left in the pack, do not leave them unconsumed. Administer all the pills in the remaining pack. For a 28-day contraception pack, you can continue taking the normal seven-day break during the period.

If the remaining pack has less than 7 pills, you can continue taking the rest of the pill and finish the pack. However, do not forget to begin your next pack immediately after finishing the current one.

What if you have had sexual intercourse and missed a pill during the week?

In such a case, you may require an emergency contraceptive pill as birth control pill may not be effective enough to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.


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