Is MTP kit right for me?


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Deciding if the MTP kit right for your is not a difficult decision to be made. You must understand the criteria for taking the MTP kit and make sure that you’re going to order MTP kit online or from the local store. Medical abortion is a safe and secure method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy at home and MTP kit is one product that makes it happen. To determine if the product is a right choice for you, learn what the product is and what it does to your body to end the pregnancy.

What’s the MTP Kit?

An MTP kit is an abortion pill product which contains the combination of two abortion pills. (1) Mifepristone (2) Misoprostol.  The duo is used to safely abort an early unwanted pregnancy.

The pill combination makes hormonal changes in your body which eventuate in passing blood clots or pregnancy tissues.

Is MTP kit a safe medication?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two pills approved by the Food and Drug Administration, America. The MTP kit has been in use from more than a decade and women from all across the world have successfully terminated their pregnancy using the product.

Does it have any adverse effects?

There are certain side effects of medical abortion which can be experienced while undergoing the process. These side effects are encountered only during the procedure and none of the side effects have a long-term impact. It should additionally interest you to know that none of the after effects of medical pregnancy termination have an impact on future pregnancies or the fertility of the woman.

The second pill in the drug causes uterine contractions and leads to heavy vaginal bleeding which is an important symptom of pregnancy termination. It should not be mistaken for the side effects of medical abortion.

Am I eligible to take MTP kit?

Before you buy abortion pill, ensure that you’re eligible to abort the pregnancy using abortion pills. It requires you to fit in the following criteria.

  • You’re pregnant and have confirmed your pregnancy.
  • You are above 18 and rational to take responsibilities of your decisions such as choosing medical abortion method.
  • Your gestation of the pregnancy is not more than 10 weeks.
  • You’re not on other medications which adversely interact with the elements of abortion pills.
  • You have consulted a physician to get the medication and he has prescribed you to buy abortion pills.

If you fit into the aforementioned criteria for a medical abortion through MTP kit, the product is assuredly for you with the highest efficacy. Follow the instructions given by the medical expert or the physician to experience smooth medical abortion procedure with less or no complications. The process shall complete within a week or two which you can confirm through a pregnancy test after 15 days.


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