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Everything you need to know about the female condom.

Female condom various aspects

Female condoms have been on the loop for over a decade now. Every year there are numerous cases of Sexually transmitted diseases, which could be easily tackled with using adequate protections. On the overall, using a female condom does give protection against the disease and increases the foreplay. At the same time, it is even estimated that around 20 from 100 women who use female condoms are likely to get pregnant.

The features of the Female condom.

Describing the anatomy of the female condom, it is a lubricated pocket/pouch which is inserted inside the vagina. This gives adequate protection against the sperm entering inside for ovulation. Nevertheless, there are several factors that need to be put in before considering an option to buy female condoms.

These facts will further help in establishing a secure and pleasurable sexual intercourse in the go.

How it helps!?

The female condom as described is beneficial and acts by keeping the sperm inside the vagina of the woman. The fact that it acts as a pouch or pocket, makes it more reliable than the general condoms available. Each of the condoms available globally has a ring which is fixed to one end. The ring is soft in texture and has been designed specifically to hold and keep the condom in place. The ring can further protect the inside of the vagina or at times even the anus from going in. Additionally, pre-cum can also be prevented by using the condom.


The effectiveness of the condom is a large factor, and when used within the guided perspectives. The general probability of the condom has been given at effectiveness of around 70 to 80 percent, with further increased to 95 percent on using it correctly. Worldwide, it acts as a safe process against the general condom and can be largely depended upon. Unless used inappropriately, it has largely been said to be successful in the long run.

Benefits over the usual condom.

The fact that the condom can be inserted inside the vagina long before sexual intercourse happens, makes it a definitive approach. Usually, prior to sexual activity, it can be inserted to around 8 hours before. Further, after the first use, condoms have to be changed every time one engages in sexual activities. The most outstanding fact about female condoms is that they can be further used in times of menstruation. This gives a grip over the period of menstruation sexual intercourse. Additionally, just after childbirth or even during pregnancy, female condoms are safe to use.

Side Effects.

Irritation is a common problem faced with the use of condoms. Even with the use of female condoms, some people do experience irritating response with it. At times even women experience an adverse effect on the intercourses in the anus. The pleasurable feeling during intercourse can greatly be reduced with the use of female condoms at times. Reports of slipping off the condom inside the vagina during vaginal intercourse are also common at times.

The probability of slipping of the condom is although not much and usually happens if it hasn’t been properly inserted. The best way to tackle this is to take adequate precautionary measures before using female condoms and read the instructions given in the packet. If there are any further issues in the condition, one can opt to consult with a physician for any such concerns further.

Materials Used.

The female condoms come with a material of synthetic rubber. This is further made with a compound called nitrile. It has largely been shown to have a protective lining against diseases mostly with people who are latex sensitive. This gives the edge over the use of the condom for a wider population who are sensitive to latex. Female condoms are widely available in many local drugstores, and supper markets keeping the area of reach easily accessible.

Can it be purchased without a prescription?

There is no prescription needed for the use of a female condom. It can be widely purchased without the need for a prescription.

The usability varies with both oil and water based lubrication. It is always advisable to use some contraception if there is any leak of the condom during sexual intercourse. Chances of emergency contraception always occur and can be used up to five days after a leak happens.

Sexually transmitted diseases also needed to be tested if there has been a leak in the condoms.