Generic RU 486 is also known by the name Mifepristone and is also used to terminate pregnancy that is within 10 weeks. Like its generic form, Generic RU 486 pill too is anti-progesterone by nature and takes effect by stopping the necessary hormones that are essential in continuing the pregnancy.

Generic RU 486 is a medicament that blocks the pregnancy continuing hormone, named progesterone. This hormone is responsible for forming a uterine wall that keeps the fertilized egg or embryo attached to the womb and nourished.

The tablet sheds the uterine lining, due to which the embryo doesn’t receive oxygen and becomes detached. The pill also widens the cervix, which along with contractions caused by secondary pill (Misoprostol) makes it easier for the body to flush out the conception parts.

If you buy Generic RU 486 tablets, then there is a regimen you must follow

  • Ingest one pill of Generic RU 486 of 200 mg ( as per March 2016 amendment) orally with water
  • Take an interval 24-48 hours
  • Take the secondary medicine of Misoprostol ( 800 mcg total – four tablets), either
    • Buccally – taking the medication 2 by 2 by keeping a pair in each cheek pouches and waiting for them to dissolve for half an hour, after which one can drink water and swallow the tablet residue. This is the most recommended dosage method.
    • Vaginally – inserting the four pills vaginally.

Like any medication, Generic RU 486 has its own side effects, some are expected while others may or may not occur.

When the anti-progesterone pill enters the body, some light bleeding and cramps are to be expected. These side effects are magnified after taking Misoprostol.

Some effects that may or may not occur are nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, headache and weakness. These can easily be countered by antibiotics.

  • Avoid taking alcohol or having heavy food while going through the process.
  • Follow the instructions minutely; therefore avoid overdose, and other interacting drugs like St John Wort, azole anti-fungals as well as Grapefruit or its juice.
  • Confirm if the pregnancy is within the womb and is not an ectopic case ( pregnancy outside the uterus)
  • Do not take the pill is the pregnancy is further than 10 weeks
  • Do not take the pill with the IUD inserted. Remove the Intrauterine device before taking the tablets.
  • Do not take the pill if allergic to its contents or if one is on corticosteroid treatment.
  • Those who have heart, kidney or adrenal gland problem should consult a doctor before taking the pill
  • Generic RU 486 price is much lower than the brand version, even though the Generic version has completed all quality specifications as the brand one.
  • Those who want to go through the procedure privately can order the product from their house and get it delivered in a discreet package at their door step.
  • If you decide buy Generic RU 486 online, you get easy access and free online customer consultation service.