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Can I have medical abortion 10 weeks into pregnancy?

Medical abortion at 10 weeks

Expert’s take

Medical abortion cannot be done after 10 weeks or 70 days into gestation. This is calculated from the date of your last menstrual period. Termination of pregnancy using the abortion pills is possible only between the 4th and 10th week. With increasing time in this window, the efficiency of the medication decreases. In fact, towards the 8th week, possibilities are that you may require two dosages of the abortion medication. However, the overall efficiency of these pills is about 94%.

To have an exact idea of whether you are eligible for a medical abortion, it is important to have an accurate estimate of your gestation period.

How many weeks pregnant are you?

There is no way to determine the exact day a woman conceived on; not even formal clinical assessments. Trained medical experts mention that one can depend on the date of the last menstrual period (LMP) to know about the advancement of their pregnancy. Though not exact, the first day of your last period is considered as your day of conception. This is for convenience purposes. Moreover, the implantation also doesn’t follow a specific number of days exactly in every woman.

Women who use ovulation kits also calculate pregnancy from the day of ovulation they suspected. This method will determine your pregnancy to be about two weeks lesser than what was indicated by the previous one.

It is important to be informed that abortion pill kits are designed to follow the LMP method. Many females also face the problem of irregular menstrual cycles. In that case, an ultrasound may be necessary to determine the age of pregnancy by noting developments in the fetus.

The consequences of an early abortion

Pregnancy can be detected earlier than the dates that fall in the abortion-acceptable range. At early stages like these, however, it isn’t possible to differentiate between an intrauterine and ectopic pregnancy. This is because implantation of the embryo is required to determine if it is developing within or outside the uterus. The case of fetus development external to the uterus is called an ectopic pregnancy and is a serious medical condition.

A very early administration of abortion medication may also not have any effect at all. Their mode of action requires implantation of the fetus. And, Implantation takes a few days after conception. The primary abortion pill, Mifepristone works by bringing about decidual necrosis to disrupt the link between the endometrial lining and the fetus. So, if pregnancy hasn’t developed to the extent required for action, abortion will not occur.

What happens after 10 weeks?

Medical abortion at 10 weeks or later is associated with a lot of risks. By this time, the embryo in the uterus progresses to the fetal stage. A strengthened connection is established between the placenta and the fetus. At this stage, a complete abortion may not be possible using just medication. Pregnancy may either develop further without hinderances or the uterus may be left with an unviable fetus that poses risks for an infection.

Medical abortion is thus highly efficient only if done at the right time following the correct steps.








Know your options for Abortions


3 types of abortion

The decision of ending your pregnancy is not easy. Good information and support can help you choose the best. It is essential to know the different options available to you with regards to both; the procedures and the place you can get them done from.

You may choose to terminate your pregnancy with a surgical procedure or a medication regimen. Both the methods are safe. But your choice should be based on the stage of your pregnancy and the contraindications specified.

Non-invasive methods

Medical abortion is the only non-invasive method available. It is referred to as medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) and has a success rate of about 98%. The medication for it comprises of two pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You can buy it as the MTP kit online or at a dispensary with a prescription. The two drugs compete with the female hormones to prevent the sustenance of pregnancy.

The inner lining of the uterus thickens to support the fetus post conception. This is facilitated by the hormone, Progesterone. Mifepristone, the primary drug disrupts the functioning of this hormone. The thickened endometrial lining is thus ruptured. Mifepristone also works as an anti-glucocorticoid. Glucocorticoids are substances that nourish the fetus as it grows in the uterus. Hence, the product of conception fails to remain viable

Although the fetus is rendered unviable by a single drug, it needs to be flushed out of the uterus. To assist this expulsion is the function of Misoprostol. This drug is a synthetic prostaglandin. Natural prostaglandins are released from the action of the primary drug too. But Misoprostol works synergistically with them to enhance uterine contractions and ripen the cervix. This brings ease in the discharge of the contents through the vaginal opening.

Although this method isn’t completely predictable, it keeps you from the use of anesthesia and physical harms that can be caused by a surgery. It also takes a week on an average to bring about complete abortion.

Invasive methods

Vacuum aspiration

Vacuum aspiration is also referred to as a suction aspiration and is a minor surgical procedure. It involves the use of an apparatus to hold the uterus in place. A dilator aids dilation of the cervix. Misoprostol might be administered with the numbing medicine before the procedure to help ripen the cervix better. A dilated cervix reduces the chances of an injury to it.  The aspiration procedure may be a manual one in some geographic areas. It is usually performed using a machine. The manual process employs a syringe while the other uses a tubing called cannula. Mild vacuum is applied to rid the uterus of pregnancy contents.

If pregnancy has developed to a stage where vacuum aspiration is not able to remove the tissue completely from the uterus, a curettage procedure might be required

Dilation and curettage

Cervical preparation by dilation is done before the surgery. A general anesthesia is administered for sedation during the procedure. The surgery is performed using narrow forceps to remove the pregnancy. Intravenous medications are used to prevent infections from the sharps that are employed.

In later stages, where the embryonic stage has progressed to the fetal stage, an evacuation process might be required instead of a surgery. The surgeon uses an instrument to suction out the fetus and delivers it completely.

Why should I choose

Medical termination

  • You are less than 10 weeks (70 days) pregnant
  • The pregnancy is intrauterine
  • You are not allergic to the components (active and inactive) of the drugs
  • You must not be suffering from conditions of the heart, lungs, or liver. You should not have a chronic adrenal failure
  • You must be above 18 years of age
  • It involves no sedatives or sharps
  • You have privacy concerns

A surgery

  • You are over 10 but less than 21 weeks into gestation
  • You require medical guidance or support throughout the procedure
  • You have to breastfeed during the abortion process
  • It requires fewer visits to the clinic
  • It causes lesser cramping and bleeding.


Abortion pills and emergency contraceptives are not the same!

Pregnancy results from a specific sequence of events. A woman becomes pregnant when the sperm from her male partner fuses with an ovum (egg) released in her ovary post ejaculation during copulation. Contraceptives are used to prevent this interaction in a number of ways.

But if the ovum is fertilized, it implants itself in the uterus lining of the woman to gain nourishment and grow. Pregnancy is thus established and now requires abortion.

difference between abortion pills and contraceptives

But here’s why you are confused

Contraceptives are often believed to terminate pregnancy resulting from unprotected sexual intercourse while that is not the case!

The confusion stems from the question of whether or not contraceptives interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg. Although research now shows that drugs in this category are not known to do so, the FDA once labelled them as “may inhibit implantation”.

The term morning-pills or morning-after pills for contraceptives can also be quite misleading because they are to be taken as quickly as possible after intercourse. It does work with appreciable efficiency upto 72 hrs and can also be taken after up to 5 days post sexual contact.


The difference

  • Working

Contraceptives are majorly hormonal pills that inhibit the regular cyclical hormones in the body to prevent fertilization. It either prevents ovulation itself or alters the cervical mucus blocking the entry of the sperm.

On the other hand, medication for abortion includes two main components; mifepristone and misoprostol. The former is an anti-progestin that acts against progesterone preventing the sustenance of pregnancy. It also alters the uterus lining and initiates uterine contractions. The latter works to soften the cervix and enhances contraction to finally expel the contents of conception.

  • Types
  • Emergency contraceptives: Plan B, Ella, etc are some choices
  • Abortion pills: Different combinations of mifepristone and misoprostol.


  • Safety

Both kinds of medications have been proven safe and are available in generic forms too. Medical termination of pregnancy is non-invasive and can even be preferred over surgery if you learn about your conception early on.


  • Side effects

Any hormonal changes in the body are bound to affect it. Side-effects from contraception can be prevented by having pills with food. But nausea, bleeding and cramps guarantee the working of abortive drugs and should be expected.

Severe complications do happen with both but are rare if precautionary measures are taken.

When to use a contraceptive:

Emergency contraception can help if your regular contraceptive methods fail; like if the condom tears during intercourse or you forgot to take one or more of your birth control pills. Emergency contraceptives should be able to prevent unwanted pregnancy before it happens. It is also used in case of sexual assaults without contraception coverage.

When to use an abortion pill:

You will need this if you miss your periods or they are late by 5 days or more from when it was expected

Abortion while maintaining the health of the patient is necessary. Make sure you aren’t allergic to these drugs, do not have an ectopic pregnancy and the fetus is viable. This medication is only advisable if you are up to 70 days (10 weeks) pregnant.







All You Need to Know About the Abortion Pill

Medical abortion can be performed by a woman at her home, at her own comfort as the procedure doesn’t involve anesthesia or introduction of instruments into the body. Moreover, online abortion pills availability has made it easier to reach immediate abortion medication. The number of women undergoing medical abortion is growing since FDA modified its regulations. That being said, many women still have many doubts and confusions regarding medical pregnancy termination. The topic had to be lit with information about this effective and safe procedure, here’s all you need you need to know about the basics of medical abortion.

Buy abortion pills online

Abortion pills online

What is abortion medication?

An abortion medication isn’t about just one pill, it’s rather a combination of two tablets working together to abort a pregnancy. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are the two medicines used in this medication which shed the uterine lining. The first medicine to be taken is Mifepristone which blocks progesterone, a powerful hormone that sustains the pregnancy. With this, the embryo gets detached from the uterine wall. Misoprostol, on the other hand, is consumed after 24 hours after taking the first pill. It causes cramps, evacuating the uterus.

A medication abortion is 98% effective for women up to 8 weeks pregnant. While for up to 8-9 weeks, the medication is 96% effective, and 93% for 9-10 weeks of gestation.

Who are eligible?

Medical abortions is safe and secure option first-trimester gestations. The Food and Drug Administration has given extended consent for medication abortions from 7-10 weeks in 2016. Women with more than 10 weeks of gestation cannot go with medical abortion and will have to go with in-clinic abortion in such cases. Women above 18 years are eligible to get medication abortions done.

Where can you reach for medication?

This part becomes delicate as it differs from country to country and states keep changing their regulations concerning medication abortion. Locally, medication abortion may be available at your regular gynaecologist or local county health clinic. Several areas require the doctor who prescribed the medication to be in the physical presence of the pregnant woman. While many other states allow women to self-do their abortion. Nowadays, women can easily buy abortion pills online.

What can be the expected outcome?

Most women do not experience side effects as such after taking mifepristone, the first medicine. However, it’s okay to feel unusual and nausea or start bleeding. After 3-5 hours of taking the second dose which is Misoprostol, it results in a lot of cramping and starts bleeding. For some, the cramping is equivalent to normal period pain while others experience extreme cramps, nausea and soak 3-4 pads a day.

It’s normal to see large blood clots or globs of tissue in this phase. Bleeding can last up to a week or two. The intensity of cramps gets decreased with time. You can take anti-nausea tablets prescribed by the doctor.

Ideally, this experience ends with pregnancy termination. Although you may have to visit your doctor for reassurance of successful abortion.

What are side effects?

Bleeding and cramping ( Primary indicators of abortion )

Dizziness, fatigue and nausea

Vomiting and diarrhea,

A mild fever up to about 100 degrees.

These side effects go on their own and the body heals eventually within two weeks. Consult your physician if your fever goes above 100 degrees. Chances of infection in a medication abortion are rare but not completely impossible. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to cure any of above side effects.

Is it safe?

In a medical survey, it was found that less than 1% of women who did their medical abortions faced serious complications or unsuccessful abortion.  The most common unfavourable consequence is an incomplete abortion and then the patient can decide if she wishes continue medication or go for a clinic abortion.





How Do I Take Care Of Myself During Medical Abortion At Home?

medical abortion at home

Once you have decided to have your pregnancy terminated at home, you must prepare for certain things so that you will have a smooth abortive procedure. You may want to get ahead and start fast, but before you buy abortion pill, you must make sure to take a pregnancy which must be positive and make sure that your pregnancy’s gestation age is within 10 weeks.

Anyone preparing for any abortion pill procedure, must find if they are eligible for medical abortion, which involves checking if they don’t have heart/ liver/ kidney disease or if they are taking long term corticosteroids [ which can cause bad reaction with abortive medication] or are allergic to prostaglandin or anti-progesterones etc.

Things to do to have a Safe Abortion

It is recommended to eat lightly and keep drinking plenty of fluids before you take abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Women can eat in smaller portions during the procedure if they can handle it. If you experience diarrhea or can’t keep everything down, not even liquids, for more than 4-5 hours, then you must contact for medical attention.

The bleeding will be heavier than your normal menstrual cycle. It may also not look like a regular period either, either like jelly or watery. You will bleed heavily for the first 4-5 hours where you will pass blood clots and tissues. The bleeding will continue for more than a week, but it will be light. If you have excessive bleeding you can take a blood coagulant, which you will find in the abortion kit itself if you buy abortion pill pack online.

Physical Care

Many women make a medical kit for themselves so that when they take the Misoprostol pills, they can take care of themselves. Here is the list of thing you need in this kit that could be used if any situation arises where you need to take of yourself physically.

  • Written instructions, possibly from a healthcare professional
  • Comfortable clothes, blankets and pillows
  • Hot water bottle or heating pads
  • A bunch of sanitary pads
  • A phone with numbers to your emergency contacts
  • Painkillers that are suitable for you
  • Anti-emetic medication to fight of nausea
  • Antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to prevent any kind of infection
  • Thermometer [ just in case you experience chills/ fever]
  • Energy drink/ Gatorade
  • Light foods that you can handle without being nauseous like chocolates or snacks. You may even drink ginger ale or tea to calm your stomach
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated

Emotionally caring for yourself

As every woman’s experience will be unique, you may need these practical tips for self-care during pregnancy termination –

  • Have a distraction with you

You will be waiting for a quite a while during the procedure therefore, it can be helpful if you have movie, TV shows or books for distraction. You can listen to comforting music, solve puzzles or even read magazines to distract yourself from the discomfort.

  • Have a companion with you

You can also have a close friend or any company with yourself for support. Then can even take care of you in case you need help in anything during the procedure. For instance, cooking for you or looking after you if you have fever or nausea.

The Abortion Medication Up To 10 Weeks

medical abortionIt has been marked in history that surgical procedures for cancelling pregnancy left great pain and wounds on females, leading to death. That was the historical time where medical science had not advanced in treatment option. Nevertheless, in clinic procedure of today has improved to a great extent past few decades. However, these days, a new process that does not need women to experience any stitches or operation, is the medication pregnancy termination. This procedure is overseen by administration of two potent tablets i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Females can get them in MTP Kit online as well.

Medical Pregnancy Termination:

Who likes to be operated under scalpels and needles willingly? This is basic thought on why women are option to buy abortion pills online or from clinics for a process like miscarriage in terminating fetus that is between 10 weeks old. All along with absence of surgery, it is beneficial of privacy, low cost and personal control over the process that appeals to females. You can take the drugs home, and get done the method there itself.

FDA Approved Drugs provided by Healthcare:

If you are wondering to purchase abortion drugs then go ahead without being concern, as both abortion pills (Misoprostol and Mifepristone) are FDA approved. Consequently, all healthcare offers recommend exact dosage amount to females who are capable for the process. Primarily a check-up on body like ultrasound or sonogram for fetus is taken on to focus on the embryo condition. Molar and ectopic pregnancy is ruled out from this procedure. Women are warned to order only FDA valid drugs.

Medical Drugs function quick and proficiently to Surgeries:

While surgeries may need a lot of mini-processes like hospitalization, nursing, long recovery duration, however abortion pill method is swift.  In a day or few from taking Misoprostol, heavy bleeding is supposed to result from vagina when Mifepristone dislodges the fertilized egg breaking placenta, uterine lining for fetus sac by impeding progesterone proliferation. Other than plenty of care and precautions, there are no other hassles of utilizing these drugs.

Increase in Medical Pill Providers:

There is an increase in providers of these drugs, as women are gaining awareness about her reproductive system and how she can manage an undesired pregnancy at personal own discretion.  You can choose any trustable e-commerce healthcare sites, which offer the drugs.

Abortive Clinics Support Medical Abortion:

You may have a query that if females do choose surgical process, then these drugs may not be actually a way out of early pregnancy. It is fine to have such doubts; therefore awareness about the same is essential. A number of abortive clinics offer information on abortion pills available on online pharmacy and their effects. Medicinal tablets are a personal choice, so is a surgery, and there are no contentions in either methods. Only if a female has partial abortion, extra-uterine mass, and pregnant, major health issues, she needs surgical expulsion of fetus.

4 Important Tips to deal with an Abortion

4 Important Tips to deal with an AbortionLuckily, and in spite of popular belief, the majority of people who experience abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester show resilience and do not suffer major enduring psychological consequences. You can deal healthily with an abortion by making an informed choice, getting ready yourself for the process, coping with the procedure, dealing with the after effects, and practicing forgiveness.

1)    Analyze the choices that you have:

In order to make an informed decision you first need to think about the diverse options you have. Know that people, who buy abortion pills to choose a pregnancy termination versus another type of option, fare about the same in general in terms of psychological outcome.

Write down or think about your options. For instance, you can choose to: parent, put the child up for abortion (closed or open), adoption or you can terminate your pregnancy.

2)    Talk to somebody whom you belief:

Support will help you weight your options and prepare for whatever choice you want. Support helps you feel more confident in your ability to deal with the situation. Whether it’s a parent, a friend, a clergy, a mentor, a member, or a counselor, you need someone to be able to turn to for comfort and support.

  • Get support from parents if possible.
  • Get support from your partner, if you have one.
  • You do not need to get help of people who are supportive. People who try to get support from individuals who are not helpful have more mental distress.
  • Find support elsewhere if you do not get it from your partner or parents. Try talking to siblings or friends.

3)    Understand the Effects of the decision:

Individuals who have an easier time making the decision, who are satisfied with the option, and who end unwanted pregnancies with Mifepristone & Misoprostol, show an easier time dealing with the abortion procedure.

  • Take time to think regarding it. A hasty decision may be one you regret. Take time to weigh the choices and settle on what you think is best.

4)    Be aware of your risk factor:

Pregnancy Termination is a largely safe process, with only about 1% of people experiencing complications. Majority of people do not experience major psychological consequences after an abortion, however a few do. The risk of psychological harm rises when there are other stressors or mental health problems that exist.

  • Know your mental health history, if you have a history of emotional issues, you may have a difficult time dealing with an unplanned pregnancy or pregnancy termination.
  • Recognize other stressors in your life. If you have low financial ability, you may have a more hard time dealing with the effects of an abortion. Therefore, you can buy MTP Kit online at an affordable price from trusted online abortive providers.
  • Recognize your support network. If you have experienced partner or domestic violence, or do not have a sufficient support system, you also may have a more hard time.
  • Personality characteristics can also affect the psychological result of a pregnancy termination. People who do not have healthful manners of coping may feel more distress.


Be Worriless by Ceasing Unwanted Pregnancy with Abortion Medications

unwanted pregnancy with abortion medicationsWomen may be aware that medical pregnancy termination pills are obtainable for a non-invasive end early fetus development (i.e. within 10 weeks). But, how to go about with the process, arrange yourself and what to predict are some aspects that everybody won’t tell you. Below steps would help you to buy abortion pills online and use them for a safe unwanted pregnancy termination of 70 day or less.

Health checkup regarding the health issues if any:

Although abortion medicines are easiest and safest way for discontinuing early unwanted pregnancy, you do need to know if there are any health issues, holding back with the process. Therefore, get an ordinary check-up with doctor to understand condition of an embryo and if you are suffering from any disease, which can affect action of medication abortion. Those who are already breast-feeding their babies, the doctors may ask them to not undergo the procedure, as a pregnancy termination tablets like Mifepristone and Misoprostol interferes with lactation.

Acquire abortion medicines from trustable sources:

Healthcare clinics and some online pharmacies for parenting, pregnancy, and childcare possess abortion pills. Buying them online helps you to receive them at a low cost at your footstep, also by maintaining the privacy. When you choose to order them online, compare the drugs by reading reviews and rates with that of other internet pharmacies for best deal. One more word of caution is to understand all the terms and conditions put by the seller and precautions.

The onset of taking abortion medicines:

The essential precautions like averting- oily edibles, alcohol drinking, smokings, physically working out, etc, are compulsory prior to beginning the process. You will be needed to check with physician following the third day and the other consecutive 2 weeks on knowing the state of ended pregnancy. Allowing these factors, you can hand in one Mifepristone pill (anti-progesterone), by swallowing with water. This abortion pill method is very effective and deceases progesterone, which helps cracking uterus lining, weakening the embryo and parts of pregnancy tissues. Once the drug is active, you will feel pain in abdomen and pelvic area. You will start experiencing discomfort in vagina and may bleed. Need not worry! These are the expected side effects that prove the medicine is working on you.

The next stage is taking four Misoprostol, later 1-2 days of consuming Mifepristone. The pregnancy termination results the embryo to expand and compress, heavy blood flow from vagina and driving cramps in fetus. Therefore, your pregnancy tissues cannot remain in uterus and gradually gets expelled out of the body with blood. In a day or more, you will be no more pregnant. However, as recommended before, consult a doctor to confirm the outcome. In rare cases, it might happen that the embryo remains are still lodged and may require surgical expulsion.

Mifeprex Pill – Early Medical Abortion Option

mifeprex pill - early medical abortion optionMifeprex also known by its generic name- Mifepristone. It is an anti-progesterone agent which is used as a pharmaceutical abortifacient to terminate a pregnancy which has not matured further than 10 weeks.

You essentially need Mifepristone and Misoprostol, to end a pregnancy medically, but you can opt for Mifeprex and Cytolog as well because both are the brand versions of the former respectively.

What is it?

Being an anti- progestogen agent, Mifeprex blocks the natural pregnancy continuing hormone [ progesterone] that is responsible for building the uterine lining that keeps the conception parts attached.

In the absence of this hormone, the embryo faces detachment. After the embryo is separated from the uterus, it is expelled from the body by uterine contractions caused by Misoprostol/ Cytolog.

How to use it?

Mifeprex is the primary abortion pill, therefore it is taken at the initial stage of the pregnancy termination procedure. Many women buy Mifeprex online for easy access, cheaper deal as well as for privacy reasons.

Along with a proper prostaglandin analogue, the full requirement for medical termination of pregnancy is complete.

  1. On day 1, take one tablet of Mifeprex [ 200 mg]. Swallow it normally. You can go about your day after this if you feel up to it. Most women don’t feel any change after first dosage.
  2. Take a break of 24-48 hours
  3. On day 2/3, take four tablets of Misoprostol / Cytolog [ 200 mcg each – 800 mcg total] and put then two by two in each cheek pouches. This is called a buccal administration. After keeping the tablets of almost 30 minutes in the mouth, swallow what’s left of them with water.

Most women start their abortion process within an hour or two after administration of the pills and are done in 6 to 7 hours. Some women may take up to a day or more for completion of the procedure.

Side effects

Mifeprex may cause some women to lightly bleed and have stomach cramps.

The most side-effects of the medical pregnancy termination come after the secondary dosage of prostaglandin analogue. Cramping and vaginal bleeding are two sure- shot affects you will feels during the second phase of the abortion. The following side effects, however may occur discriminately –

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Fever
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness

This side effects may last for a day after taking the pills. If they continue to persist after 24 hours of taking misoprostol, you must immediately seek medical attention.

What precautions should one follow while taking it?

Before you buy abortion pill online or elsewhere, make sure you check if you are eligible to have a medical abortion. Some conditions required to have a termination with abortion pills are –

  • You should be within 10 weeks of gestation
  • You should have allergy to its contents
  • You shouldn’t have heart/ liver/ kidney disease
  • Avoid if you have adrenal failure
  • Avoid medical pregnancy termination if you have anemia


You lose a lot of blood during the pregnancy termination, therefore it necessary to eat foodstuffs that will be able to bring back the nutrients lost in the process. Doctors recommend having a protein, iron, calcium, whole grains, vegetables/ fruits rich diet. Meanwhile sugary foods, fast foods, soy products, high-fat content foods must be avoided.

Research Says: Women Might Be Able To Order Abortion Pills On Mobile

Women Might Be Able To Order Abortion Pills On MobileRecent study found that consuming the abortion pill at home is for most women. Also, they are able to order abortion pills over the phone earlier than expected.

While Trump’s win primarily presented a serious threat to people’s reproductive rights, now-a-days it seems women’s health right are winning small victories due to the inability to abolish Obamacare so far, at present with a new research whose results mark to the possibility of females having even more direct access to abortion, rather than less.

New research found that ordering abortive drugs over the phone and taking them in the comfort of your home is effective and safe. As per a study, findings were presented at the World Congress on Public Health after it predicted 1,000 women who acquired the tablets. 82% of the women who took the pills confirmed abortion without any health complications. Notably, 15% of the women could not be reached to confirm results.

It took a full 20 years for the FDA to approve physicians to intake the pregnancy termination medication to patients in person.  You go into a doctor’s clinic to confirm that you want to abort your pregnancy in the legal time frame, and you are being given the MTP KIT that contains two types of pills, the first pill mifepristone (an anti-progestational synthetic steroid, meaning it makes your uterus inhospitable to fertilized eggs). You are the sent home with the second pill named misoprostol (a prostaglandin agent that eliminates fetus from the uterus), which you take 24-48 hours later.

Research states:

Since its legalization in 2000, over 500,000 females have terminated planned pregnancies this way.  While pregnancy termination using this pill is still painful, uncomfortable and often involves severe bleeding and cramping. It is said to be far less invasive.

For women with first trimester unplanned pregnancy (up to 10 weeks), a tablet is a superior option. If it were accessible over the telephone, abortion pill cost would be very less and would make termination that much easier.  Visiting clinic for surgical procedure, during which women are often subjected to, invasive examinations, harassment, and in some cases, ultrasound of the fetus, can be traumatic.

Being able to shun that kind of discomfort would be a most required step in the right direction for women’s health care and bodily autonomy. Again, you have still got to go, however in the face of open threats by the United States government to take away our ability to make our own reproductive choices; it’s reassuring to know that a study like this goes on to turn up positive results and expectantly, in the future, more tangible options for women.