Is MTP kit right for me?

  Deciding if the MTP kit right for your is not a difficult decision to be made. You must understand the criteria for taking the MTP kit and make sure that you’re going to order MTP kit online or from the local store. Medical abortion is a safe and secure method of terminating an unwanted […]

What should You do if You miss a pill

A missed pill is not a major concern since there are solutions which you can manage on the next day. However, if you have skipped the pill, you may end up getting pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse during the week. In such a situation, you can abort it using abortion pills. You can buy […]

Thyroid disorders in pregnancy

Disorders surrounding the thyroid gland, especially to women during pregnancy is a common onset. Hypothyroidism is one such instance where thyroid glands produce thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) needed for the proper metabolic process of the body. Ordinarily, T3 is required in abundance to regulate homeostasis and maintain the supply of adequate minerals for the […]

When is it Safe to Take Abortion Pills

There’s lack of guidance offered on the area of whys and wherefores of medical abortion. Women do not understand when is the right time for them to take abortion pills. So here’s what you can do know the whens and whys of the medical abortion process. When you buy MTP kit online or from the […]

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Symptoms of early menopause

Menopause occurs at a certain age. In most cases, after 49 or even stretched to around 55. The current scenario in lifestyle induced diseases has led to several cases where women experience menopause at an early age termed early menopause. If you end up with an unwanted pregnancy situation in the misled view of early […]

After Medical Abortion: The Ideal Diet

Medical abortion is a process which involves intake of Mifepristone and Misoprostol for a successfully pregnancy termination. You can find both these medicines in an MTP kit which is easily available online. It typically takes 3 weeks to completely heal from pregnancy termination process. If you follow a proper diet, it can help you heal […]

What you need to know about vaginal health at every age

A woman’s body goes through a lot of hormonal changes in her body throughout the life. This mainly includes the changes occurring in the vagina. It is important for every woman to understand her vagina and what are the precautions she needs to take to maintain a healthy vagina. Vaginal health in your 20s When […]

Myths About Safe Intercourse and Sexual Health

Safe intercourse and sexual health being the not openly spoken topics, they often become the subject of widely spread myths. Here are some myths concerning safe intercourse and sexual health which you shouldn’t listen to: You cannot get pregnant if you have intercourse during your menstrual periods: The chances of conception while you are on […]

Emergency Contraceptive After A Baby

  Emergency contraceptive or the widely known morning – after- pill is a safe method to prevent an unwanted pregnancy when you have unprotected intercourse. However, women usually have a doubt if the pill is safe while breastfeeding. The dubiety is surely reasonable having taken the safety of child earnestly. What are the elements present […]

How To Deal With An Unplanned Pregnancy?

How you respond to an unwanted pregnancy determines your future course of events. It isn’t easy but the decision has to be thoughtful and not taken in a rush. Also, pregnancy-like symptoms experienced by women may or may not necessarily show an actual conception result. One should always be assured of the pregnancy status. You […]