Can I have medical abortion 10 weeks into pregnancy?

Expert’s take Medical abortion cannot be done after 10 weeks or 70 days into gestation. This is calculated from the date of your last menstrual period. Termination of pregnancy using the abortion pills is possible only between the 4th and 10th week. With increasing time in this window, the efficiency of the medication decreases. In […]

Birth Control for the Ladies who can’t take the Abortion Pill

Contraceptives are indeed a great method for birth control. However, women may feel discomfort in undergoing birth control medication with the use of contraceptive tablets. For such women, there are other options as well which efficiently help prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The contraceptive vaginal ring is one such option which is used by millions of […]

Know your options for Abortions

  The decision of ending your pregnancy is not easy. Good information and support can help you choose the best. It is essential to know the different options available to you with regards to both; the procedures and the place you can get them done from. You may choose to terminate your pregnancy with a […]

Abortion pills and emergency contraceptives are not the same!

Pregnancy results from a specific sequence of events. A woman becomes pregnant when the sperm from her male partner fuses with an ovum (egg) released in her ovary post ejaculation during copulation. Contraceptives are used to prevent this interaction in a number of ways. But if the ovum is fertilized, it implants itself in the […]

All You Need to Know About the Abortion Pill

Medical abortion can be performed by a woman at her home, at her own comfort as the procedure doesn’t involve anesthesia or introduction of instruments into the body. Moreover, online abortion pills availability has made it easier to reach immediate abortion medication. The number of women undergoing medical abortion is growing since FDA modified its […]

How Do I Take Care Of Myself During Medical Abortion At Home?

Once you have decided to have your pregnancy terminated at home, you must prepare for certain things so that you will have a smooth abortive procedure. You may want to get ahead and start fast, but before you buy abortion pill, you must make sure to take a pregnancy which must be positive and make […]

The Abortion Medication Up To 10 Weeks

It has been marked in history that surgical procedures for cancelling pregnancy left great pain and wounds on females, leading to death. That was the historical time where medical science had not advanced in treatment option. Nevertheless, in clinic procedure of today has improved to a great extent past few decades. However, these days, a […]

How Taking Birth Control Pills Can Keep Cramps at Bay

Even some females tell birth control pills side effect as cramping; the medicines usually help decrease or eradicate period pain. When cramping takes place, it’s normally temporary and related to hormone changes. There are certain thing that takes place and what you can do about it. How birth control pills work: Most people buy ovral […]

4 Important Tips to deal with an Abortion

Luckily, and in spite of popular belief, the majority of people who experience abortion of an unwanted pregnancy in the first trimester show resilience and do not suffer major enduring psychological consequences. You can deal healthily with an abortion by making an informed choice, getting ready yourself for the process, coping with the procedure, dealing […]

Be Worriless by Ceasing Unwanted Pregnancy with Abortion Medications

Women may be aware that medical pregnancy termination pills are obtainable for a non-invasive end early fetus development (i.e. within 10 weeks). But, how to go about with the process, arrange yourself and what to predict are some aspects that everybody won’t tell you. Below steps would help you to buy abortion pills online and […]