Ovral G is one such exemplar which contains Levonorgestrel, the second generation progestin and Ethinyl estradiol which is derived from estrogen. With these improved ingredients, the Ovral G tablet is not only utilized for preventing pregnancy but is also known for its ameliorating properties in treating acne vulgaris and premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

Ovral G birth control pill is a 'combination' oral contraceptive. This infers the attached presence of dual synthetic hormones named 'levonorgestrel' and 'Ethinyl estradiol'.

It comes in 28 and 21 days blister packs and is to be consumed once daily, preferably same time every day. The 21 pills pack contains all active ingredient containing pills and the other contains twenty one hormonal as well as additional 'placebo' pills.

Most ideally, it should be started on the first day of the period, however if the user is changing contraceptives then they can start their regimen next day right after taking the last placebo pill or the last active pill of the old pack.

The tablet containing low dosage of estrogen/progestin derived hormones are exogenously administered which are absorbed in the blood stream. These synthetic steroids then primarily act upon genital tract and the brain for interrupting the normal hormonal cycle that is on a continuous loop between the brain and genital area.

Follicle stimulator (FSH) and luteinizing (LH) are two pituitary released hormones which are generally responsible stimulating ovum formation and consequently producing natural estrogen/progestin. These two normally act together to prepare the endometrial lining for receiving a fertilized ovum or to discard off as menses in absence of pregnancy.

Ovral G introduces Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl estradiol in the blood stream and inhibits LH and FSH levels as well as the regular follicle stimulating process.

Alterations are made in the genital tract which includes artificial swelling and ripening of the endometrial lining. This lining is shed when Ovral G is discontinued and an artificial bleeding is created imitating a regular menstrual cycle only lighter and with lesser cramps.

Progestin contains the ability to thicken up the cervical mucus present at the mouth of the uterus; such act impedes the sperm movement resulting in preventing of fertilization and implantation.

Missing dosage can be detrimental to the efficacy of the birth control.

In case of one missed tablet – Take the tablet as soon as you remember, preferable within 12 hours period.

More than one tablet missed – In this situation, the woman must double up the tablets for two continuous days after the missed day before resuming the regular schedule. It is recommended to use additional barrier method like a condom or vaginal ring for at least seven days.

This solution is not applicable if two or more pills are missed on the third week or more than three pills are missed. In such cases it is recommended to start with a fresh pack of pills. This is because the missed pills require extra attention towards the end of the cycle for withdrawal bleeding.

Ovral G provides numerous benefits for treating myriads of disorders in women health like –

  • Pre-menstruation dysfunction
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Prevention of endometrial cancer
  • Hyper-androgenic state
  • For treating other gynecological conditions like endometriosis, fibroids, pelvic inflammation and pain, ovarian/fibro cysts etc.