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  • Medical pregnancy termination is 98 percent successful when Cytolog is combined with Mifepristone tablets. The prostaglandin plays the role of ripening cervix, causing uterine contractions to remove products of conception from uterus.
  • It can take few hours for the effect to start, and you will notice heavy bleeding containing large blood clots and tissue-like material expelled from vagina.

NOTE: If using with Mifepristone anti-progesterone, take Cytolog later to 24 to 48 hours of it

Using Cytolog Tablet Orally (Buccal)

  • Place 4 tablets of Cytolog, each 200mcg, under tongue. The medicines take few minutes to melt, but must not be consumed with sip of water until 30 minutes pass.
  • Do not crush or powder the drugs before. This dosing method gives faster result, and you may start with pregnancy expelling in about two to four hours.

Insert 800mcg Cytolog tablets (4 pills of 200mcg each) in your vagina. It may take a day or only few hours for the medication to melt and get absorbed in body completely. If you started bleeding from anti-progesterone medicines, then prefer buccal route of administration.

Certain experience to prostaglandins includes diarrhea, tiredness, vomiting, nausea, headache, etc. Mild fever, chills are expected for short period. Abdomen pain may result due to uterine contractions.

Before purchasing Cytolog online, tell your doctor about all non-prescription or prescription/herbal products you use. Share the list of medical history and treatments with the pharmacist.

  • Have access to emergency care in case of infections, excessive bleeding or pain, and usual symptoms.
  • Do not stop, start or change dose of the medicine without checking with your physician.
  • Possible interactions are aspirin, smoking, alcohol, grapefruit juice, antibiotics, St John’s Wort, erythromycin, anti-seizure medicines, anti-fungal or tuberculosis drugs etc.